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"The Line" at Sports Time Fan Shop
Sunday Morning for Final Four shirts!

Brandi Wyer of Wichita was one of the first 6 customers who camped out at 7am in front of Sports Time waiting for Final Four shirts.
KAKE-TV reporter Jason Tarr interviews Shocker fans in line waiting for the store to open.
Even after the doors opened, the line went around the corner... the end of the street at Avivo's Pizza...
...and around that corner to Men's Warehouse and across the parking lot to Buffalo Wild Wings! It was more like a big Shocker Party than a wait line!

Once inside, the biggest complaint was "You have too many styles to choose from!" as customers grabbed as many as 20+ shirts per purchase!


Sports Time Fan Shop thanks EACH and EVERY customer for their patience, their compliments, and continued patronage!


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